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My Lightsaber Playmat

Making A Really Big Mouse Pad

I enjoy the occasional game of Magic The Gather. I’ll even get into playing at game store when I can afford it. I can rarely afford it as the cost for MTG seems to easily enter the realm of meth habit money. One thing that most game stores have in common. Tables. It’s hard to play magic without a table and those tables get sticky with little kid fingers and beverage residue. No thank you. What I need is a play mat. I know of a  internet based company called Inkedplaymats.com. You can buy play mats they have in stock, which I’ve done or you could design your own, which as you might have guessed I have also done. As you may or may not know I’m a mechanical engineer when I’m not protecting the world from board game disorganization. I do drafting drawings all the time. Seems like a good opportunity to combine the two.

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