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MTG Kaladesh Energy Counter


In anticipation for the new Kaladesh release of Magic the Gathering I created a three layer D20 level counter die holder to keep track of how much Energy you gain and lose over the course of a game. I’ve been looking for a simple small project to test out multi layer designs and I found I was a rather happy with what I came up with to the point where I decided I might was well offer some DIY paint and assemble kits for any fellow MTG players that might want to have their own Energy Counter painted how they wanted.

Here’s the DIY kit for those interested:


I might also add some painted finished counters like the ones shown in the images to the Etsy store but since it takes a rather long for me to hand paint, glue up and seal during a time when I’m also trying to get my full line of inserts up on Etsy for the 2016 year, so it might be a very limited release if at all since I’m also working on finalizing a new board game insert for Scythe which I’m finishing for reveal this week.



Laser-Cut: The Hive Box

Worker Bee Kit

Introducing a new storage solution for your Hive game. This box holds all current standard sized tiles for Hive (Hive tiles not included). This is available as a self assembly kit that would require some basic assembly, glue, and finishing if you really want to get a beautiful look from it. A felt interior can be added (included) so your game pieces slide in smooth and quiet. The angled tile guide walls assure the tiles seat upright when placed in each row. The Hive logo consists of 10 hand painted sections of black and a golden-yellow color matched to the official Hive logo. This is one of my favorite designs I’ve done so far and I think any Hive enthusiast will enjoy the look and feel of this in their game collection.

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Laser-Cut: Dominant Species Insert

Rise to the Top of the Food Chain

I’ve heard great things about the strategy worker placement game Dominant Species and I knew even before I got it from images from Board Game Geek (best board game site ever) that it would be in great need for an insert.

Here’s how it stood shortly after one of my little joys in life of unboxing a new board game:

Dominant Species organized as the core game intended. Not a big fan
Dominant Species organized as the core game intended. Not a big fan

I could already foresee a little wood bit tumbling out of its pile during game play and falling victim to either the vacuum or a curious dogs digestive track.

My Goals

  • Sideways storage safe and passes a medium shake test.
  • Individual player faction bits trays.
  • Room for everything to fit even after that MAMMOTH sized board is placed in the box.
  • Bits box trays designed so my fingers could actually remove bits without feeling like I’m playing a drunkin game of Operation.

The Result

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