Cthulhu Wars Game Insert


Inserts are no longer available for sale
but DIY laser cutting plans are available for sale.
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One thought on “Cthulhu Wars Game Insert”

  1. Review of Thinker Tinker Maker Cthulhu Wars Game Insert
    When Thinker Tinker Maker held its Kickstarter in 2015, I picked up five different game inserts from them: Imperial Assault, Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows, Elder Sign, Mice and Mystics, and Cthulhu Wars.

    On the whole, the majority of their game inserts were serviceable to okay in quality (as compared to Broken Token, Daedalus, and other game insert companies I have purchased from in the past). On a scale of 1 to 5, I would have given the other inserts a solid 3.5… not great, but not terrible either.

    Then I got to their Cthulhu Wars game insert… and oh boy, it was an absolute mess.

    The other inserts all seemed to be made out of fairly uniform MDF material. Not so with the Cthulhu Wars game insert. Both the thickness and quality of the sheets seemed to vary greatly from sheet to sheet within this set… including having several less than attractive “patches” within the pieces, which made for rather unappealing transitions when the mdf was stained.

    Then there was the matter of separating the pieces from the sprue. The other four sets all came out of their respective sprues with a minimum amount of fuss or hassle. Not so with the Cthulhu Wars set. Many, many of the pieces weren’t cut all the way through, leaving me to have to pull out gaming shears to finish the job. And those that were cut often splintered when being removed from the surrounding sprue, much to the detriment of the wood stain I had added to the material (and yes, for the record, I stained all the sets and had no such trouble with any of the others).

    But, after much persistence and more than a bit of cursing, I finally got all of the components separated and began the dry fit step of the proceedings… only to find that one of the key components wasn’t cut properly, and thus wasn’t square. Now, normally, I could just sand down the offending piece and make it work. Unfortunately, these pieces are keyed to insert into one another… so sanding would be problematic at best. So, I was left with the option of gluing it slightly bowed and hoping it would still fit – which, of course, it didn’t.

    So, like most gamers, I turned to the creator to air my grievance and see what remedy / solution could be reached. I went to their website, looking for an e-mail to message them, but I was thwarted. So, I wrote up a message with my concerns and posted it to the thread associated with the Cthulhu Wars game insert page, hoping that it might prompt them to get in contact with me.

    Instead, they deleted the message.

    Yep… you read that right. No contact… no attempt to sort out the issues… they simply deleted the message and went about their merry way.

    So, I figured it would be best to warn my fellow gamers about these shenanigans and advise them to steer clear of this substandard product.

    My final review of the Cthulhu Wars game insert, on a scale of 1 to 5, is a 1…

    And a note to Thinker Tinker Maker: poor quality, poor workmanship, and poor customer service is a sure fire way to make certain that you’ll never get my money again… and the gaming community is small enough that you can be certain that many others will hear about this as well…

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