Thinker, Tinker, Maker is a blog dedicated to the process of designing, constructing, and finishing awesome projects.  Started in early May 2014, this blog is a journal of crafting ways, and I look forward to connecting with other creators over every background.

Meet the Author: Stefan

Stefan as a Red Shirt (Start Trek) Survivor.
Stefan as a Red Shirt (Start Trek) Survivor.


Mechanical Design Engineer by day,  project juggler by night. General scifi/fantasy enthusiast with a passion for building, tinkering, making, and design.








I now have an Etsy store! Here I can sell my assorted collection of woodworking projects, laser cutting plans, Professor Farnsworth grade doomsday weapons.






One thought on “About”

  1. I recently received your Imperial Assault inset as a gift and I absolutely love it but I seem to be missing the cover piece for the token box. The way things are cut it seems unlikely that it would be missing but I certainly don’t see it.

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