Laser-Cut: Terra Mystica Prototype


This prototype has been updated to better fit the core game and the Fire & Ice expansion, check out the newest revision HERE

I posted a survey on my Kickstarter and decided to get the top three inserts designed. One of those three was for the board game Terra Mystica.

My attempt in every insert I design is to decrease setup and pack-up time of a board game and try to consolidate expansion boxes into the original core game box. For the first time I found I was unable to accomplish both of these goals. Terra Mystica contains a large number of components but that I can deal with. That’s just dimensions, organization, maybe a little trigonometry. This game was the king of cardboard sheets when you add its expansion. A pile of faction boards, new mechanics required boards and it added an entire extra map. For me its all or nothing. I’m not going to throw away the original map or have it sit alone on a shelf. I accepted the fact that this insert would cover the base game and the base game alone.

My main issue with this game isn’t the large number of components or the super thick stack of cardboard, Its the excessive number of player bits. It’s a 5 player game at max but it comes with 7 different faction colors. I’m all down for variety but to add another 2 colors of faction, now totaling 9, with the expansion basically doomed this game to never fit in its core box.

I give you the Thinker Tinker Maker Terra Mystics Insert:

Terra Mystica Insert
Terra Mystica Insert


  • This insert is comprised of 12 removeable trays.
  • 7 faction trays for each of the core colors. Each tray is engraved with the basic player bit shapes for quick packup at a glance.
  • A tray for land tiles for 9x lands so you can still use this tray for the expansion.
  • A bin for worker cubes for easy use during game play
  • A bank tray for all currency coins, 100 points tokens, and power tokens so everyone has easy access to all the different bits.
  • Token Trays 1 and 2 hold your setup tokens and can be stowed back into the box during game play so your table top space is clean and organized.

TM render GRAPHIC 2 TM render GRAPHIC 3In the next week or two I will use this model to create the wood cut inserts that will make my game happy and organized and then I can share the images of each component and how they all nest cleanly into their dedicated bins.

One thought on “Laser-Cut: Terra Mystica Prototype”

  1. Hi – I’m really interested in how you manage to tackle this issue. Where do you plan on the favor tiles and and guidance cards (the ones with the possible turn actions)… is the token tray 2 big enough for this? Thanks – keep up the good work!

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