Laser-Cut: The Hive Box

Worker Bee Kit

Introducing a new storage solution for your Hive game. This box holds all current standard sized tiles for Hive (Hive tiles not included). This is available as a self assembly kit that would require some basic assembly, glue, and finishing if you really want to get a beautiful look from it. A felt interior can be added (included) so your game pieces slide in smooth and quiet. The angled tile guide walls assure the tiles seat upright when placed in each row. The Hive logo consists of 10 hand painted sections of black and a golden-yellow color matched to the official Hive logo. This is one of my favorite designs I’ve done so far and I think any Hive enthusiast will enjoy the look and feel of this in their game collection.

I would recommend a light application of Natural Danish Oil. This gives the box a wonderful honey finish which I feel is very fitting with the theme of the game. A light Polyurethane coat will assure this box will stand the test of time.

Here’s a sample section of a Hive kit I’ve finished (Danish oil and a Polyurethane coat) on an early prototype so you can see what kind of finish you can create with this kit:

An assembled Worker Bee kit without any finishes or final touches:

The interior will the felt liner in place:

Red is also an option:


Anyone not familiar with Hive, I implore you to pick up a copy and play it with a friend. Check it out here:

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