Laser-Cut: Cthuhlu Wars

First, Thank you to all the gamers that added in their two cents to helped me improve this insert to a level I’m really proud of. If anyone thought the Star Wars Imperial Assault insert was complex then you should take a look at a game that’s basically all miniatures of different sizes and try to get them to all fit together in a clean and efficient manner. On top of that it’s a rather large insert to fit its rather large Cthulhu Wars core game box home.

I’m so happy to have this insert in use.  Cthulhu Wars was my worst enemy in my battle against the little plastic baggies that would require me to pour miniatures onto a table and organize in prep for and game. I tried using plastic bins for tokens but they added a lot of bulk to the box and caused the lid of the already too large box to float up which looks odd and takes up home space that other games where trying to live.

Key Features:

  • Insert accommodates all core game creatures and GOO’s
  • Each of the two trays that hold the faction creatures has the creatures name engraved into it because a) It helps you know where the figures go. b) It looks good.
  • Removable Dice box with 2X dice set capacity
  • Removable Spell Book Box for easy setup and storage
  • Removable Tokens Box for easy setup and storage
  • Removable faction cultist boxes
  • All the boxes have tabs build in so nothing should slide around if you tilt the box when removing from a game shelf.

Lets take a look at it shall we?

Cthulhu Wars!
Cthulhu Wars!

Cthulhu Wars (20)

The first layer.

Cthulhu Wars Layer 1 (Empty)
Cthulhu Wars Layer 1 (Empty)

Check out those well organized engraved creature trays.

Cthulhu Wars Layer 1 (Populated)
Cthulhu Wars Layer 1 (Populated)

Please excuse the state of my Elder Gods, They are in the model putty process or are primer prepped for my next painting session.

Cthulhu Wars Layer 2 (Populated)
Cthulhu Wars Layer 2 (Populated)

The Bits/Token box holds a variety of components. The Dice Box holds at least 2 full sets of dice and should be able to hold the core dice and 2 additional sets of the engraved dice as well. The Gates/Spell book Box neatly holds, obviously, the Gates and Spell books. Since Cthulhu is so tall and needs to lay down I wanted to add a special box for him to continue to slumber until summoned. “Cthulhu Bed Box also hold the draw string bag and the reference cards.

Cthulhu Wars Bits/Token Box, Spell/Gates Box and Cthulhu's Bed
Cthulhu Wars Bits/Token Box, Spell/Gates Box and Cthulhu’s Bed

The complete Cthulhu Wars core game nicely organized in its new insert. The maps, instructions and various tracks all sit on top. A special notch has been added to the top tray to keep that top layer in place and prevents it from moving around. I’ve also added a bit of a buffer to add extra sheets, cardboard sections or other instruction booklets if few new components for the expansions are released that you’d prefer have a home in the core box

Cthulhu Wars (19)

Cthulhu Wars Gallery


8 thoughts on “Laser-Cut: Cthuhlu Wars”

    1. The gates have little chance of fitting in this core box, each gate is about 3 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall. With 22 gates that requires a clearance area of a cylinder that’s 44 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. That’s the equivalent to fitting two extra Jenga towers into a already very crowded box. I’m still waiting for my expansions and if I can get extras to fit I will update the insert and include it with the current design. I already know I can add little things like the 3D first player marker but bulk items like gates or extra factions will have little chance in fitting in that box. My main focus was to support both Kickstarter and retail gamers for Cthulhu Wars so I don’t want to alienate individuals that will never have a chance to own the extra goodies and simply offer some simple themed storaged boxes to hold additional factions or components that way you can grab the core box and any friends can grab a box containing their faction which they can quickly open and be ready to play.

    1. I do intend to add extra storage solutions for expansions. I’m waiting to get more things on hand so I can really weight what needs a storage solution.

  1. Picked up four of the game inserts from the Kickstarter (Cthulhu Wars, Imperial Assault, Twin Shadows, and Mice and Mystics)… of which, three were nice enough (I’d give them a 3.5 out of 5 stars)…

    Then there was the Cthulhu Wars insert…

    It splintered all over the place when trying to remove it from the sprues due to the cuts not quite making it all the way through (whereas the others came out clean)…

    There were numerous joins that didn’t fit properly and had to be filed down (whereas the others all fit with no additional effort)…

    And one of the pieces (the large bottom piece) wasn’t squared at all and one bowed outward a bit even after gluing (and yes, I checked, double checked, and triple checked to make sure everything else was aligned properly) due to being cut too long…

    Maybe I got a bad set? Maybe this was during a point when the laser was acting up? I don’t know… but after spending several hours and a fair few dollars on pre-treating, staining, sealing, and assembly, I am incredibly disappointed in this product…

    Overall, I’d give it 1 out of 5 stars… 😦

    1. Hello Steven,
      I’m rather upset to hear you had so many issues with your Cthulhu Wars insert. During the Kickstarter campaign we had the laser tube fail and unfortunately that caused some issues with the panels that were difficult to detect during the quality check process. Once we knew the tube had problems we simply threw the entire batch of panels cut for those weeks into the trash since they were too likely to have issues that would not be easy to detect with a visual inspection. It looks like you got one that slipped through out inspection process that must have butted up right to the cutoff line of inserts we, for safeties sake, just discarded.

      There is only one way a part could be out of square and that’s if it was somehow moved during the cutting process. We’ve seen this happen in a very serious manner when a skinny part would partially fall through after cutting but instead of fully falling thought it would catch and stick up allowing the laser head to tap it and shift the wood thus causing the remaining cuts to be horribly off. When this happened it was very obvious at around a 15-30° shift. If it only lightly tapped it and did a barely noticeable shift then that would cause the off set you experienced. We need to formulate a method to check minor offset defects like this. I’m sorry your part was a victim of this.

      The lumber we use is Baltic Birch and not a composite MDF or HDF since those do not have the nice wood grain that I personally favor.

      For the last couple of weeks I’ve not been very at tentative to the website so I apologize for got responding back sooner. I see that you’ve posted this comment multiple times since yesterday with what is clearly the addition of disappointment and anger in each iteration. I assure you I am not deleting your messages or making a direct effort to ignore you. Since this is our original blog when there whole project started we have it setup so all comments are required to be approved as is the base setting of our website design client. This is to assure no one is posting dangerous links or spamming the blog comment section with images/statements that are not appropriate for individuals of younger age or discriminatory towards others.

      I’m going to find a way to make things right for you. Please contact me at and we can chat about the defects in your insert and what I can do to remedy this. I appreciate you taking the time to review the inserts with your honestly and straight forward opinion in both pros and cons.

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