Laser-Cut: New Updated Suburbia Insert

Suburbia - Complete Insert
Suburbia – Complete Insert

Good Got Better

After playing suburbia a few more times I realized that I wanted to revise a few features of my first Suburbia Insert. The first being an upgrade to the Bits Box so that it could have a lid that would allow the entire box to be stored on its side. I also wanted to make sure it would have all the room for adding a 5th player from the upcoming 5-Star expansion due in August here in the States.

Suburbia - Bits Box
Suburbia – Bits Box

Prepping the insert for 5-Star Specific Storage

Next I wanted to make sure that the 5-Star expansion fit, it already fit but it didn’t feel like it really had a welcome space yet in my previous draft. I added game specific engraved dividers so all the newest components would have a dedicated place to call home.

Suburbia - Engraved Dividers
Suburbia – Engraved Dividers

The last thing that bugged me was the End Game C marker that always seems to try to ninja-hide from me, so it got its own dedicated living space just behind the row of C tiles.

Now it’s officially a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Suburbia Insert GIF
Suburbia Insert GIF



Credit where credit is due. For all Icons used for card dividers:
Icon made by Freepik from is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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