Laser-Cut: New Updated Suburbia Insert

Future Purchasing Information

Suburbia - Complete Insert
Suburbia – Complete Insert

Good Got Better

After playing suburbia a few more times I realized that I wanted to revise a few features of my first Suburbia Insert. The first being an upgrade to the Bits Box so that it could have a lid that would allow the entire box to be stored on its side. I also wanted to make sure it would have all the room for adding a 5th player from the upcoming 5-Star expansion due in August here in the States.

Suburbia - Bits Box
Suburbia – Bits Box

Prepping the insert for 5-Star Specific Storage

Next I wanted to make sure that the 5-Star expansion fit, it already fit but it didn’t feel like it really had a welcome space yet in my previous draft. I added game specific engraved dividers so all the newest components would have a dedicated place to call home.

Suburbia - Engraved Dividers
Suburbia – Engraved Dividers

The last thing that bugged me was the End Game C marker that always seems to try to ninja-hide from me, so it got its own dedicated living space just behind the row of C tiles.

Now it’s officially a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Suburbia Insert GIF
Suburbia Insert GIF

For Sale: Kickstarter Coming Soon!

If your interested in this insert we plan to be starting a Kickstarter in Late August or Early September so anyone who want one can have the chance to upgrade their Imperial Settlers game.


Credit where credit is due. For all Icons used for card dividers:
Icon made by Freepik from is licensed under CC BY 3.0


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