Laser-Cut: Imperial Settlers Insert

Imperial Settlers GIF


Keeping The Kingdom Organized

It didn’t take much time to find I absolutely loved Imperial Settlers and can’t wait for all the future expansions it has to offer. Of course it also didn’t take long to quickly tire from the little plastic baggies all the bits came with. One of the little baggies even started to tear up a corner of a few of my cards that caught on the zipper ridge of the baggy when I was sliding them out in prep to setup a game. Sorry baggies, game over man, it was time for an insert.

Pondering All the Future Fun

Knowing the Atlanteans are just the first of a few expansions I wanted to make sure the insert would handle the addition of at least three new factions, three new token types

Insert Features

  • Storage for the core game
  • Storage for Why Can’t We Be Friends
  • Storage for Atlanteans Expansion
  • A Bits tray that will hold the core bits, Atleaneans and 3 more large bins for plenty of future options.
  • Lids added to Bits Trays for safe sideways storage
  • Room for at least another XX future cards (XX Sleeved)
  • Easy Access to Cards and Bit Trays
Imperial Settlers: Easy Bits Tray Removal
Imperial Settlers: Easy Bits Tray Removal

Adding a Dash of Fun

Inserts are great at making a game more organized and function as a way to help the flow of game play at the table, but why now add a bit of visual candy when possible. To do this I added themed icons to each card storage divider and provided a clear acrylic lid to each of the Bits Trays to show off Imperial settlers colorful bits.

Imperial Settlers: Engraved Card Dividers
Imperial Settlers: Engraved Card Dividers
Imperial Settlers Card Organization
Imperial Settlers Card Organization


Credit where credit is due. For all Icons used for card dividers:
Icon made by Freepik from is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Imperial Settlers


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