Laser-Cut: Suburbia Insert

I Have An Organization Monkey On My Back. He Is Not To Be Ignored

I’ve recently come across a board game called Suburbia. I must own it! So now I do and there goes my board game budget for the month. I always loved the Sim City games while I was growing up, physically not mentally, that’s still an ongoing thing. I purchased Machi Koro a short while ago. It’s a great game, simple to teach, great art work and a generally bright and cheerful game. Unless you bought the Harbor Expansion and you’re not the one who owns two Tuna Boat cards. Then you hate the game, that horrible evil game in a cute little bow. If you like Machi Koro but want something a bit more advanced in a similar theme them Suburbia is the way to go. I compare it to being Pandemic compared to forbidden Island.

As one would expect after playing the game a few times and putting the game components into there 8+ little plastic baggies I suddenly remembered that I really hate the use of little plastic baggies used for component storage. Guess what, Its LASER CUT INSERT TIME! I’m so excited!

First Improvement was to have a dedicated mini box to hold the wooden tokens, first player marker and 2X markers. I can now be fully free from the little plastic baggies. I also added A, B, and C labels to the edge so if the tiles get placed facing the wrong way I can assure that during cleanup  a player will have a better chance  of not accidentally placing the wrong tile in the wrong stack. In the style of Srooge McDuck I put some big money symbols on my bank. I regret not etching in a little image of him diving though the coins along the box wall.

Suburbia Board Game Inserts

The first attempt at this insert had issues. I found that when the tiles are pressed against the ABC wall they can be hard to get a grip on. I placed a divider behind each row just to make sure that you’ll always have a bit of room to get your finger behind the pieces and not loose a fight to cardboard, which is sad and demoralizing every time.

Suburbia Board Game Inserts
Finger gap dividers behind rows A, B, and C.

As you can see I’m a sucker for expansions and have already purchased the Suburbia Inc expansion. You can see that if I ever did want to get the final expansion for 5 players there would be plenty of room to fit all the remaining tokens.

Suburbia Board Game Inserts

The remaining cardboard components fit neatly on top of the insert allowing the lid to close without a problem.

Suburbia Board Game Inserts

The insert is complete and the monkey of organization is quite for now.

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