Laser-Cut: DiceMasters Dice & Card Storage Box

Avenger Dice Assemble!

I thought I’d give my endless Magic the Gathering habit a break and see what Dice Masters had to offer. I like the simple nature of it. Not having 1,000+ cards released each year can really make deck building a quick and enjoyable process. The biggest problem I ran into quickly is storage. I tried using little plastic storage bins bit those were a real pain to try to pick my dice out of. I wanted something that would fit on my game shelf in a clean manner that would hold a multiple sets in one container. My cousin got the official dice masters Avengers Vs. X-men storage box which looks great but that means I need one for each set which means I need to have 2,3,4+ boxes spread over my tables as I go through them trying to build my deck of epic-ness. “Well that solution to game organization are we going to try tonight Brain?” “The same game organization solution I try every time, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!, wait, no… a box, I’m going to make a box”. This would be no simple box. It needs trays to hold dice which need to hold dice in a manner I can easily remove and organize. The box needs to be small enough to fit on my game shelf. I typically use one of my larger game boxes that fit cleanly on my game shelf as a upper size limit, Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game. It will also need to fit enough cards to hold 4 full sets of cards, a dice mat, instructions, handmade dice bag , and a doughnut. I say that because I could really go for a doughnut right now.

A Overly Complicated Dice Tray is Born

Step 1: Design a dice tray. Done.

Dice Masters Dice Tray

Now instead of making simple wood inserts to hold the dice in the tray how about I select aluminum 90° angle 8 foot sections found at my local home improvement store which totally seemed like a good idea at the time and cut down to size, clean them, prime them, paint them, seal them, and slide them into place.

DSC_0177 (800x567)

Well that sounds complicated, maybe I should just use the same wood that the box already…No? Going that route? OK then, make it so.

Dice Master Dice Tray

Hey, that looks pretty nice. Was it worth the 1-2 hours just for those metal pieces? No. Still have 3 more to make? Yup. Not my best choice. I forget sometimes that I live in an apartment and don’t really have a setup for metal cutting. I had to use a jewelers saw. It looks great but wood would have been the better choice in hindsight.

The Box

Now that the four dice trays are made. Its time for the main box. First lets take a look at the finished trays, colored so I know what set I’m grabbing for.

Dice Master Trays with Dice

And their new home.

Dice Masters Custom Laser Cut Box

Meets all by goals for stuff I needed to fit into one box. Good times.

Dice Masters Custom Laser Cut Box

Lots of room.

One thing I figured I’d do to the outside was to add some extra decoration to the box. To be honest this was just an exercise to better understand how the laser cutter I was using functioned when doing raster burns for vector images. Each side has a different set on the edge.

Dice Masters Custom Laser Cut Box Dice Masters Custom Laser Cut Box Dice Masters Custom Laser Cut Box Dice Masters Custom Laser Cut Box

For the lid I wanted a bit a flair so I used the same method for adding color to a raster cut that I did for my Cards Against Humanity Box because I had not yet learned how to do inlays like I did with my Hive box. From here on I will chose Inlays as my method for achieving this look since its quicker, cleaner, easier and less pron to ruining the entire part being worked on. After two coats of plain Danish Oil for color I had to put on two coats of polyurethane before adding an enamel pour in coat to fill each avengers color. Without that level of sealing the tiniest spec of paint would have absorbed into the wood grain that that section would have been permanently stained and basically ruined. Here’s the final fruit of my labors:

Dice Masters Custom Laser Cut Box Cover

This box does have a solid look resting on my game self. I’m looking forward to the next few sets to fill the box up. I should note that the artwork used here is not mine. I found it while searching for a Avenger image in vector format so I could experiment with these laser settings. I still can’t find the name of the artist to credit this to but here’s the image link. If someone knows please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

5 thoughts on “Laser-Cut: DiceMasters Dice & Card Storage Box”

    1. Yes, in a few months we will launch a website for sales. We had a successful kickstarter that recently concluded to purchase a laser cutter. A link for pre-orders for all the inserts that have been made so far will be up on our Kickstarter main page so anyone that missed the Kickstarter will be able to get them if they don’t want to wait for the web store to launch. Check it out here:

  1. How much for a dice master box set up for storage I have 5 sets and your box you’ve designed it’s F****** amazing

    1. Thank you, I surprised myself in two ways with this box. First on how well it came out and second on how much time investment it took to get it right. Unfortunately I don’t think I can make another one of these as most of the etching files for this project were lost on either a corrupted usb drive or lost into the ether of an old expired college laptop. That being so I don’t think I can recreate this particular box and if I did I think the time investment would make the selling cost prohibitive.

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