Dragon Slayer: Scalemail

When someone asks you what you did over the weekend probably one of the most nerdy responses you could muster would be “I made chainmail!”.

To have a connection in our costume theme both Sara and I are incorporating scalemail. I chose the larger sized tempered high carbon steel scales from The Ring Lord. I wanted a more worn look “Authentic battle Damage!”, which I felt would be a good contrasting look when compare to the cleaner look Sara’s scalemail dress will have, which would more reflect a guy who’s been out in the world gaining his experience points and getting beat up from time to time. The pattern is the basic one also shown on the websites tutorial videos. The process is surprisingly easy but rather time intensive. I found that using a towel as a work surface keeps the area clean but most importantly it as a bit a friction so that all the scales you just assembled aren’t constantly shifting and slipping around while your working. I use two mini cheap pliers simultaneously to handle all the ring bending and scale handling. I find the smaller pliers allow me to still use my free fingers to grab stuff while not having to constant set them down.

Scalemail Workspace
Scalemail Workspace

After a couple of after work assembly sessions I got most of a full sheet done.

From the back side of the sheet of scales the ring pattern that holds the scales together:

Ring assembly
Ring assembly

And the result of all those hours hunched over a pair of pliers:

Scalemail assembly
Scalemail assembly

At this point I just need to repeat this process to get one more strip of scales.  The next big step is to work through the best method of attaching the two together and the system that the final assembly will attach to so that this can be worn.  Attaching the scalemail to your body is usually fairly straight forward; you make a enough scalemail until you have a shirt shape then you just throw it on and bind up whatever side you left open since this stuff allows no stretch. For my plan I’m only applying scalemail to the lower torso, between the sternum and hipbones as you can see in my concept sketch.

Dragon Slayer Concept A
Dragon Slayer Concept A

I need to design some kind of suspenders system or have it mount to the interior of the future leather chest plate

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