My First Real Sword

sword original


I am now the proud owner of my very own two handed sword. No more running around the back yard with a red sheet secured to my back with two stick lashed together as my mighty Excalibur.

I was able to take this off the hands of an local  individual on Craigslist for a low $25. Its a bit beaten up, the blade is spotted with rust, mini nicks, and the metal has dulled from sitting unused and un-oiled for some extended period of time. Time to put a bit of life into it!

Since this is a cheaper stage prop sword it is assembled with a top screw so disassembling it was rather simple. After about 2 hours of sanding, buffing and polishing the blade to return its clean shine the first thing that needed a change was the handle. Holding this thing feels like I’m holding a baseball bat at the wrong end so the handle diameter needs to be reduced so I can later add a nice leather wrap to it. This will be a job for my Dremel since my dreams of a lathe have yet to be fully realized.

Dissembled sword with polished blade and thinner handle


After reassembling it I feel that the pommel was also oversized and a bit odd looking. I cant just modify this piece since its a hollow bronze cast object that can be ruduced in size by removing material.  I do have some extra 2″ diameter aluminum bar stock from another project around that I can hack saw my way through and see if it work aesthetically.

Sword - Pommel Cut


After an upgrade from a coping saw to a proper hack saw and a bit of machine oil to prevent the blade from binding I was able to remove an piece of the aluminum bar stock to become my new pommel. Unfortunately the end that i cut off the larger stock which had a diameter previously reduced, which I felt was a better size, had a hole in the center which I will need to find a way to hide later. The next step is to drill a hole through to accept the blades threaded end. This will be done with a hand drill as I’m yet to find room or funds for a drill press at the time.

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