My First Real Sword: Part 2

My custom aluminum pommel needed a bit more texture and something was needed to cover the preexisting hole in its side so I decided to design a little dragon emblem. 22 gauge aluminum sheet metal was cut using a Jeweler’s Saw fit with a 2/0 blade. I original gathered all my sheet metal tools in prep for my next project of steel gauntlets which is still in the design phase. I knew I’d need some sheet metal shears but I discovered the jewelers saw and how it could create the small details I wanted without distorting the sheet metal in the way that snips tend to. One of resources that helped guide me was from Rings & Things: Tips for sawing sheet metal with a jeweler’s saw.

A great help came from Polly in the comments section when I got confused about which blade size of the dozen or so sizes would work best for my different applications:

Forme d’Art blades:
Size #0 – 53.5 teeth per inch – Use with 18g to 22g metal
Size #1 – 51 teeth per inch – Use with 18g to 22g metal
Size #2 – 43 teeth per inch – Use with 16g to 18g metal
Size #2/0 – 56 teeth per inch – Use with 20g to 22g metal
Size #3/0 – 61 teeth per inch – Use with 22g metal
Size #4/0 – 66 teeth per inch – Use with 22g metal
Size #6/0 – 76 teeth per inch – Use with 24g metal

In both brands, more teeth = finer blade.
So if you’re doing fancy cuts with lots of wiggles and switchbacks, get the finer blade that’s recommended for your preferred sheet gauge. But if you’re doing simple straight cuts, the more generic size #0, #1 or #2 blade works fine.

After drawing up a pattern and gluing it to the sheet I got right to cutting.

Pommel emblem
Dragon emblem sawing in progress

After a bit of fussing with the saw to figure how sharp of and angle I could cut with the saw it turned into a simple task of keeping my sawing motions smooth as to not break the blade.

The Result after adding a indent for the eye mark:

Pommel emblem B
Fully cut out Dragon emblem

Iwanted the brand new emblem to not look so new to better match the age of the sword at whole so I used a bit of acrylic paint and some dry brushing to add a bit a real life experience to it after I filed down and rounded the edges.

Pommel emblem weathering
Pommel emblem ready for weathering

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